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What is GYROKINESIS Method?
Gyotonic Methodologies Lessons Offered

Teacher Training Courses

Gyrotonic Level 1 Update with ClydeRae Jolie-Ashe from May 1-3.

Contact us for more information!
Phone: 303-444-1228

Gyrotonic Level 1 Update with ClydeRae from April 25-27.

The content will be an introduction to Level 1 as a Musical Journey.
Renee Ricca's Pilates and Gyrotonic Center
18131 Biscayne Boulevard
Aventura, FL 33160


Spring is coming! Are you ready for
GYROTONIC Applications for Golf with David and Jeanie Rasmussen?

May 23, 24, 25 from 10-1pm and 4-6pm.
$450 + $225 studio fee

Dave works with Pro Tour athletes

Dave has worked with the PGA Tour for many years and his current students include Robbie Jacobsen, LeighAnn Cubash and Kaylor Steiger.
When he searched for a better way to train students he found GYROTONIC and has loved it for the past 12 years.

Master Trainer, ClydeRae Jolie-Ashe will be teaching in Kauai, Hawaii this Spring!



with ClydeRae Jolie-Ashe
from March 4-6
taught as an introduction to the Musical Journey.
Fee: $350 plus $150 studio fee.

Leg Extension Unit (LEU)


with ClydeRae Jolie-Ashe
from March 8-13
The Leg Extension Unit facilitates functional full, body movement sequences that strengthen upper/lower body coordination, and hand/foot coordination. Contra-lateral movement sequences in various planes increase functional strength and stability at all joints. A unique, patented, cam mechanism allows the leg to elongate, as it extends. So, the hip and knee joints are able to move in a fluid, natural range, without compression, increasing stability and strength around those joints.
Fee: $750 plus $300 Studio fee.

These courses will be held at Studio Kauai, just outside of Kilauea, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. To learn more or register, please contact Jill Elmore at Kauai Studio, 808-635-0791,

To register for any of these courses, click here.


Getting Started: Introductory Privates and Classes

We offer an Introductory 2-Pack of Privates for $120. It is necessary to have at least one private lesson before joining classes.

Apprentice Special, 60% Discount: Come work with Gyrotonic Boulder's Apprentices Brett Adamek and Caitlin Self at a discounted rate of $100 for 4 Private Sessions!


Special Ongoing Classes for Teachers and Apprentices

We're also offering many Pre-Trainings, Foundations, and Specialized Equipment courses taught by Master Trainer Clyde Rae Jolie-Ashe and others here at our Boulder studio. Click here to see the latest Teacher Training schedule.


Extraordinary Bodywork at GYROTONIC® Boulder: 
New clients receive 30 minutes FREE!

Clyde Rae loves practicing the mutually enhancing figure-8 feedback of GYROTONIC® and the Trager® Approach. She offers 60 minute sessions for $90, and newcomers receive the first 30 minutes free! Click here to schedule.

Scott MacInnis, Bodyworker Extraordinaire, practices GYROTONIC® and finds the spiraling consciousness enhances his Energetic Massage. He offers sessions of 60 minutes for $75, and 90 minutes for $100. New clients, your first 30 minutes are free! Call Scott directly at 303.875.9446 to schedule a session. 

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